Olds Moving Ltd. provides the best local moving services for Residential Move and Home Office Relocation in Olds, Acme, Innisfail, Sundre, Three Hills, Touch Besieger, Bowden, Cremona, Crossfield, Didsbury, and surrounding areas. We specialize in making your move and relocation a breeze, ensuring a swift and stress-free experience from the initial stage to the final destination. We have been a capable and experienced company in the local moving industry since 2013; Residential move and Home Office relocation are two of our areas of expertise.

Our comprehensive range of residential moving services and home office relocation goes beyond the basics. We expertly handle the relocation of household furniture and contents, pack miscellaneous items securely into boxes, disassemble and reassemble as needed, and effortlessly relocate not only your garage and outdoor items but also seamlessly handle the transportation of your workshop and address the requirements for moving your home office setup.

Whether you’re relocating items within your current residence or undertaking a full move from one house to another within the nearby Olds neighborhood, even making a comprehensive move to a different community outside of Olds, or perhaps moving from the surrounding areas to Olds itself— we’ve got you covered. You can rest assured Olds Moving Ltd. is your trusted local mover. We have been committed to providing efficient, reliable, and professional local moving services for residential and home office moves over a decade.

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Olds Moving Ltd. takes pride in its team of expert movers and efficient management, each possessing extensive experience in the field. We specialize in the careful packing and loading of your household items, including home office contents, prioritizing their safety throughout the entire moving process. Our moving trucks are equipped with advanced moving equipment, ensuring the security of your belongings and property. We strive for a smooth and secure relocation experience for both clients and movers. Our professional management and dedicated crew are committed to meeting your specific requirements, making your entire move from start to finish easy and stress-free.

Our transparent pricing model is designed to provide you with flexibility and cost:

·   Hourly Rate: Our charges are typically based on an hourly rate, ensuring you pay for the services you need.

·  Minimum Charge, if applicable: Our required minimum number of billable hours and corresponding minimum charge.

·  Travel Time FSC (Freight Service Charge), if applicable: Additional charges are based on travel time to ensure fair and accurate pricing.

·  Fuel & KM, if applicable: Additional charges are based on driving distance to ensure fair and accurate pricing.

Partial Service Move

Discover the convenience and efficiency of our partial and complete residential moving and home office relocation services, designed to tailored to your unique needs. We understand that every move is different, and our management and expert team of movers are here to ensure a smooth transition tailored to your preferences.

Our Partial Service Move includes:

  1. Client-Provided Wrapping and Packing: Clients have the option to provide their wrapping and packing materials, ensuring a personalized touch to the moving process.
  2. Pack by Clients: Take control of the packing process by packing small and miscellaneous items into boxes, and disassembling any furniture or items in preparation for the move.
  1. Partial Service Move: Our experienced movers can provide shrink-wrapping services for furniture and items as needed, ensuring an additional layer of protection during the move (shrink-wrapping and covering furniture and items with moving pads are included).
  2. Efficient Loading and Transport: Olds Moving Ltd. takes care of handling and moving all household items and furniture into the moving truck, ensuring a secure and efficient transportation to your new location.
  3. Unwrapping and Reassembly: Upon arrival at the new location, our team of movers will handle the unwrapping and reassembly of furniture as needed, placing them in their designated locations as specified by the client.
  4. Waste Removal Option: For added convenience, we offer waste removal services for disposal (additional cost for disposal), ensuring a clean and clutter-free space at your new location.


Typical Move: An average moving team consists of 3 or 4 movers utilizing a 26 ft box truck with a 5-tonne capacity. For a single truckload in a local move, the process usually takes 6 to 8 hours. If an additional load is required, it may add 2 to 3 hours. Generally, local moves are completed within a few hours or a single day, contingent on the quantity of items to be moved and the distance of the relocation.

This comprehensive move is seamlessly divided into two stages:

Stage 1: Packing and Wrapping Our skilled team of movers manages the meticulous packing and wrapping of all items and furniture, ensuring they are well-protected for the journey ahead.

Stage 2: Loading and Transportation Once everything is securely packed, we efficiently load all items and furniture into the moving truck and transport them to your new location.

Full-service moves typically span one or two days, accommodating the volume of household content to be packed and moved. 

Full Service Move

Our Full-Service Move includes:

  1. Complimentary Wrapping and Packing Materials: Enjoy a stress-free move with all wrapping and packing materials provided by Olds Moving Ltd., (additional costs for packing material used), ensuring the highest level of protection for your belongings.
  2. Professional Packing for Small and Miscellaneous Items: Our expert team of movers will efficiently pack all small and miscellaneous items into sturdy carton boxes (additional cost for packing materials used), minimizing the risk of damage during transit.
  3. Expert Disassembly and Reassembling Items as needed: The movers take care of disassembling and reassembling any furniture or items that require it, ensuring a secure and efficient moving process. Additionally, furniture and items are shrink-wrapped and padded as needed for added protection (included in the service).
  4. Mattress and Box Spring Coverage: Safeguard your bedding with our specialized service, securely covering mattresses and box springs during the move (included in the service).
  5. Wardrobe Box Service: Olds Moving Ltd. enhances your moving experience by placing all dress clothes into wardrobe boxes, ensuring they arrive at your new location in pristine condition (additional cost for wardrobe boxes used).


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