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Discount: 5% discount for early bookings 30 days prior to the moving date and seniors.

Most local Residential and Office Moves are charged by the hourly rate and 1/2-hour travel time getting to and from the move within Olds, 5% FSC (Freight Service Charge), and 5% GST on the total.

The billing time starts when the moving crew arrives at the pickup location and ends when the move is finished.

When an approximate cost is requested by the client, Olds Moving representative will provide an approximate cost to the client based on the items to move at an hourly rate, including 1/2 hour travel time, 5% FSC (Freight Service Charge), and 5% GST on the total.

An Estimate and Moving Contract will be provided in person, email or fax prior to the moving day.

Approximate cost may vary depending on the packing and organizing by the client, the accuracy of the items to move and their weights, and most of all the access on the loading and unloading locations and road conditions in the winter months.

No fuel and kilometer charges when the move is within Olds area. When the move is out of Olds area, fuel and kilometer charges will apply $0.60 cents per km.

Overnight storage is a $150 fixed charge if the client contents should stay overnight in the truck.

In the event client contents are stored in the truck during the day it is $350 fixed charge per day, a maximum of 2 days.

Overtime charges will apply after 8 hours on any residential and office move, each additional hour is charged at $23 per hour for each mover for overtime.

Statutory Holidays charges will apply after 6 hours on any residential and office move. Each additional hour after 6 hours will be charged $23 per hour for each mover.

Deposit of 20% is required on fixed rate and long distance moves, and the remaining balance is payable at the point of unloading before any items or contents are unloaded from the truck, unless previous payment arrangements has been made prior to the move or delivery with Olds Moving.

Cancellation charge of $250 fixed charged to the client if the move is cancelled without 24 hours notice prior to the moving date.

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